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Bibliography, Acknowledgements & External Resources


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I'd like to thank the following instructors and practitioners for their valuable training, insight and the opportunities made available to me along the way in my own color quest:

Barbara Martinson for my first experiences with color theory—as painful as that class may have been :) and introduction to Josef Albers, Johannes Itten and Faber Birren. (Professor, University of Minnesota.)

Marian Ortolf-Bagley for her continued support and direction through my further study, understanding (and love) of color. (Professor emeritus, University of Minnesota.)

Uwe Koos for his sharing & understanding of color concepts as applied to built form. (STO AG)

James Stageberg for his support and encouragement of my inclusion of color theory into my architectural thesis.

Ayers Bagley for his early enthusiasm for the Web medium and the opportunity to participate in the building of the Iconics Museum (Professor emeritus, University of Minnesota.)

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